Idea #1: Christmas Video Series

Create a Christmas Video Series. Let’s be real, it’s idea 1 for a reason. Video is where it’s at! Actually, in one of his Instagram Lives, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri stated that video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.

Think about what a difference adding Christmas music can do to a social media post. But does that mean any ole video will do? Nope. Each business is different and your customers will respond to different things. 

So what are some ideas?

Product based businesses can record a wide range of your products 1-2 products at a time. You don’t want to “overwhelm” unless you put it in a gift guide way!

Service based businesses can promote sales, gift cards for your services and client testimonials!

Experience based businesses have SO many options- look for “UGC” here and repurpose things people have posted about your experiences. Highlight guests, gift cards and giveaways!

Any business can create a holiday greeting and share more information about their business and how people can support them through the holidays! 

Idea #2: Christmas Giveaway

Running a social media giveaway isn’t only good in terms of raising brand awareness, but it’s also great at generating more leads.

Christmas contests are a tactic that can create buzz around your brand; incentivizing your existing followers into attracting new ones, in exchange for a chance to win what you’re offering.

Some brands go for free products, gift cards, paid vacations, or even free cash!

Just make sure you’re following the platform guidelines and requiring the participant follow the desired social media profiles, like the post, and/or tag a number of friends in the comments.

Idea #3: Holiday Gift Cards

Want something to boost your sales this holiday?

Why not offer gift cards to your followers?

They’re bound to love them and, as we just said, they’re a great way to create some extra sales traction.

Just make sure this isn’t the ONLY thing you post about… your followers will thank you.

Idea #4: A Christmas Countdown

This is SO easy to execute and is such a fabulous way to highlight your business to current and future customers. 

Skip over to Canva, and make 24 numbered graphics (1-24) leading up to Christmas. You can totall use a template for this- don’t make more work for yourself. 

Then come up with 24 captions highlighting different things about your business, gifts you offer, ways your customers can support you, people you want to thank, how you’re handling the holiday season… it’s all relevant to your customers!

This not only keeps your followers up-to-date in a festive and fun way, but it’s also a chance to create an awesome campaign that’ll increase engagement.

You can schedule these ahead with different platforms such as Facebook Business Suite, Planoly, Plann, Later and more… so you don’t even have to think about it and your posts are going out to your customers!

Idea #5: Incentivize User Generated Content

If you’re not taking advantage of user generated content (UGC) in your Christmas marketing campaign, then this year is your chance to get involved.

After all, what’s better than content created by your followers themselves?

That’s right! 

With UGC, not only do you incentivize your followers to create original content for you, but you also gain extra exposure through various social media accounts at the same time.

UGC is often mistaken for influencer marketing and, while they’re similar in many ways, with UGC you don’t have to pay influencers to promote your brand.

You can simply call on your followers to upload a post using your product while adding a specific hashtag, then mine the hashtag for great content!

Depending on the nature of your brand, you’ll be surprised at the variety of content creators can come up with; from holiday-themed photos to showcasing different types of looks using specific products, e.g.Christmas party looks, date night looks, etc.

Idea #6: Influencers

Over the years,influencer marketing is getting used more and more by brands around the world who want to establish their social media presence.

This is because social media creators with a large following have proven to be very valuable for companies, especially during the holidays when people tend to buy more products.

The most popular platforms for those creators have proven to be Facebook and Instagram 71% of their users say that they have an influence on their shopping decisions. 

And the people you collaborate with don’t have to have millions of followers, think micro-influencers or people who have less than 10k followers. They have a lot of power with their audience because they’re authentic and have a growing community.

Idea #7: Photo Competition

Setting up a festive photo competition is a great way to promote your business and can be a part of your user-generated content strategy as well.

What this means is that you inform your followers about the photo contest and they have to come up with the best possible photos based on your guidelines.

What the winner gets in return is entirely up to you. 

We’re sure you can think of many holiday-themed photo contests to run on your profile, around local Christmas food or decorations for example.

Simply make sure everything is aligned with your brand and that you set your goals; is your goal to raise brand awareness? Create a UGC library? Form a community?

Whatever it is, festive photo contests are both an exciting and efficient Christmas marketing idea.

Idea #8: Create a Free Christmas Checklist/Template

Let’s be honest, Christmas is stressful. There are a million things you need to be doing, buying, preparing. This is where a checklist comes in.

Some ideas are- Christmas movies to watch, light scavenger hunt, a shopping list for dinner, a template for who they need to buy for, a budget template. Just make sure you put your name and logo on it!

The possibilities are endless; simply choose which channels you’ll use to upload them to – such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and so on  – and your followers are bound to love them.

Idea #9: Share Christmas Recipes

If you’re a chef, food blogger, or own a brand around cooking and cuisine, don’t be afraid to share your Christmas recipes online to put your followers in the festive spirit.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy some delicious food ideas during the Christmas season?

As part of your holiday social media campaign, we recommend you gather the recipes you love the most and repurpose them into different content formats.

From Instagram posts and stories to YouTube and TikTok videos, your followers are definitely going to love this type of social media content.

Idea #10: Holiday Gift Guide

You can help out consumers by putting together a gift guide.

After all, they say that holidays are a marketer’s best time of the year since, according to a study by Sprout Social, social media influences holiday purchases for 1 in 3 Americans. 

A guide with various gift ideas your brand has to offer works great as a social media Christmas campaign. And not everything on the list has to come from your brand, think of other things that pair nicely with what you offer! Be sure to link them for easy shopping for your customers!