2 Hour Business Discovery (in person or digital) is where I get to know you, your business, brand and voice. We will talk about your unique client and strategize how to best talk to (and sell to) them online. Then we game plan what the next step looks like…

In a hustling digital world, where do you stand? Are you being lost in the scroll? Do you have a plan for your social media or are you just posting when you have something to say… wait, you should ALWAYS have something to say! The world NEEDS what you have to say… let’s get that started.

A website has to many jobs to do within your company. It needs to be your BEST employee. It needs to support and your brand and message, clearly convey what it’s like to do business with you, be easy to find on the internet, even easier to navigate on any device once it’s found and ultimately make you money. Isn’t that why you’re in business?

So you’ve built a great audience on social media, but all of a sudden some fancy person in an office decides to push a button and now you can’t reach them… good thing you have built your email list so you can still reach your people. Wait, you haven’t done that?! Let’s get that started, NOW!

Something about why you need all 3 of these marketing skills to solve all your business problems. 

Your brand is so much more than a logo. This is how people can identify you in a crowded space. This is your voice when you interact with your unique client. This is the perfect imagery to attract your people. Marketing finds people… Branding keeps them.